How to Handle a Group Interview Without Stress

Think that you know how you’re going to handle that interview? Believe it or not, there’s more to that upcoming job interview than meets the eye. Don’t believe us? Well, it’s actually simple — instead of just preparing for one interviewer, you might have to prepare for three or more interviewers all asking you questions at the same time. That means that there will be nine eyeballs or better watching your every move.

Nervous yet? There’s really no need to panic when you don’t have to worry about it — you will be able to conquer the interview and set a good impression as long as you put a little strategy into the actions. For example, you will need to make sure that you have enough copies of your resume. If you show up with only one copy of your resume, you will leave at least one person without anything to look at. Even though you didn’t mean to, that will send the message that you’re unprepared, and no interviewer really wants to think that someone is going to be unprepared on the job. The way you carry yourself in the actual interview is going to say a lot about the way you take action on the job — at least from the interviewer’s perspective.

If you’re looking for them to tell you that you will be doing a group interview — don’t hold your breath. Most interviewers feel that you should come prepared no matter who you are going to face, and they will look for applicants that really rise above what’s expected of them.

Keeping these points in mind can make you look a lot more appealing to job interviewers — especially in a pretty competitive economy. You don’t want to just assume that there’s no reason to push forward — you’ll have a lot of eyes on you.

In order to make sure that you are doing your best, you should make sure that your answers are clear and to the point. Every story you tell should not only be truthful, but it should have some sort of underlying message that is related to the mission of the company that you’re applying for.

Can it be difficult to keep all of this in mind? Of course it can — that’s why you really need to make sure that you just hang on to your calm as much as possible — don’t let them see you sweat and you’ll be just fine!