How did Robert Revolutionize Job Searching

Robert J. Gerberg Jr. sees the Internet as an easy way to connect job-seekers and employers. Those who are looking for jobs will not only be able to post their information, but they will also be able to receive information on the latest trends and demands of their particular industry.

Robert is a well-known human resources guru who runs Advanced Career Technologies (ACT) where he is the Chief Executive Officer. ACT is a human resources company who has a large team of HR experts and specialists.

Initially, ACT was established as a dotcom company, but it eventually became more than that as it strived to look for more ways to service job seekers and employers. Robert’s strategy is to make sure that ACT is in direct contact with the employer instead of just consultant companies. He is also a firm believer in the fact that the job seekers should constantly update and prepare themselves to take the next step in the corporate chain of command.

Robert J. Gerberg Jr
Ideally, the job seeker should try to make themselves indispensable to the company by building up skills that can add value. By constantly acquiring new skills, the job seeker can package himself or herself in such a way that companies look beyond the gaps in the resume. Some may even create new position where the candidate’s skills may be used in its fullest capacity.

Through ACT, Robert has been able to create a one of a kind HR service with his expert team. The company has a lot of services, but it can be mainly categorized as job relocations, executive recruitment, and personnel outplacement. Many of their clients are those whose spouses have been relocated to another state or country. Consequently, they have to resign from their jobs and look for employment in that particular location as well.

To do this, Robert J. Gerberg Jr. advocates the use of technology. Because the Internet has brought out people closer together, it is now far easier to look for both jobs and candidates. Those who still limit themselves to traditional methods of looking for a job will find that their options are severely limited. This is why Robert came up with the web-based application that helps match companies and job seekers together, making the employment process fast and painless. All the job seeker needs to do is to post his full profile along with his education, qualifications, and relevant experience. This way, employers can peruse his or her profile, and find out if he or she is relevant to their open position.